When Do I Need An Emergency Electrician?

when do i need an emergency electrician?

When Do I Need An Emergency Electrician?

In Australia, the weather can be unpredictable. Storms and lightning strikes are among the top causes of outages and other electrical problems in Australia. Another reason for emergency service is when you frequently experience circuit trips. Such situations call for an emergency electrician. In this article, we are going to give another set of situations when it is deemed to call a 24 hour electrician — like us. 

1. There’s A Lightning Strike Nearby

You might be unharmed or your house didn’t get struck by lightning but if it happened somewhere near your area, the jolt of power might travel through the wirings and cables of your home. This could result in an outage, power surge, short circuit, and other electrical problems. When this happens, it’s best to unplug all your appliances and stay away from water as it can be a conductor to a power source. Call a reliable emergency electrician are Hawthorn to make sure you and your family is safe.

2. Your Home Is Flooded

When the water reaches your basement or any of your power outlets, you’re going to be in danger. If this happens, try not to clean the mess immediately as it can be dangerous to go near the area where the electrical power is plugged. Call an emergency electrician before you do anything else. The electrician will then cut off all the power to your home. Before accessing a generator, wait for the go signal as failure to do so could pose an electrocution risk.

The emergency electrician will then assess the situation and repair the damage. However, if the damage is deemed irreparable, it might be necessary to replace your electrical components.

3. Smell Of Something Burning

A lot of modern properties have concealed electrical wirings. This means they are underground and have a third grounding wire that gives an alternative path for an electrical flow. Although this is safer, it can still trip, spark a fire and begin to smoke. Such scenarios often happen when wiring is overloaded or if the wiring of your home is already outdated and failed to accommodate the number of appliances plugged into one outlet.

4. Strange Noises

If you hear a buzz or hum, those are not normal and in fact, could be an imminent danger. This is possibly caused due to improper wiring, loose or incorrect installation, problems in the fuse box or a broken circuit breaker causing the noise. 

5. Power Outage

When you don’t have electricity while your neighbours do have, chances are you have a problem with your electrical system. Contact an emergency electrician right away to have the situation assessed. This way, the electrician can identify if the problem is only minor or have other more serious problems in your electrical system. 

We have a combined experience of 50 years in the industry utilising our experience and expertise to provide emergency electrician services and maintenance in both residential and commercial establishments

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