electrical services adelaide

Is your electrical bill on the rise?

Our electrical services Adelaide come with free advice. If you find yourself continually shocked by the figure on your electricity bill, it might be time to seek professional help. Here are few simple ways you can reduce your next bill.

  1. Upgrade and save: While old appliances seem to have a longer life, they use way more electricity. Most modern appliances will have an energy rating to help you make wise purchasing decisions.
  2. Unplug your appliances: It’s not just an old wives’ tale. Some appliances do continue to suck energy until they’ve been unplugged.
  3. Make the most of every use: far too many people use their large appliance like dishwashers and washing machines before they’re actually full!
  4. Don’t overcharge: Take your technology off charge if the batteries are full.

So, if you have any questions about energy efficiency or electrical services Adelaide, you know who to call!

Our Electrical Services Adelaide

To help reduce the clutter of business numbers on your fridge, we cover the full scope of electrical services Adelaide. Here’s a more in-depth review of what these services entail:

Commercial: If you have a commercial fit out underway, our team of qualified technicians will assist with all the electrical components. This includes exit and emergency lighting, LED signage, switch board installations and general lighting. We also extend these services to STRATA and body corporate settings.

Residential: Additionally, we take care of all your residential electrical services including new house/extension fittings, upgrades to your existing systems, security and lighting. We also take care of smaller setups like phone, internet and TV connections.

Maintenance: This covers all of your general checks and updates. We regularly maintain wiring, circuit breakers, outlets and plugs to ensure optimal safety. If you have any questions regarding our electrical services Adelaide, call us for a chat!

electrical services adelaide
electrical services adelaide

The iElectrical Team

Our electrical services Adelaide are reflective of our family values. The founder of iElectrical, Matt Downie, combined expertise with empathy to deliver a holistic electrical support service. We’re focussed on making our customers feel reassured and confident every time we leave the site. We offer education, advice, and free quotes before going ahead with the job. Transparency is what all customers are looking for in a reliable team. As a result, we fully disclose the costs of our services and forewarn you if there’s additional work involved. And of course, our technical skills are on par with the best in the industry. We’re continually updating our process and practice methods. In addition, we have fantastic diagnostic and problem-solving skills that enable us to solve your problem in minimal time! Don’t waste your time with the wrong team—call (08) 8120 0978 to discuss our electrical services Adelaide.

Don’t let your electrical appliances and systems slow down functionality in your home. Call iElectrical on (08) 8120 0978 for your free quote on our electrical services. We’re proud to offer a high level of service to our local community!