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residential electricians

13 Years Experience

Our 13 years of experience in the industry means we have watched the practice evolve; becoming both safer and more efficient over time.

residential electricians

Confidence & Trustworthy

Driven by customer feedback, iElectrical practice everything we preach. All jobs are handled with the same integrity and care to ensure consistency in our brand.

residential electricians

Transparent Quoting

Some electrical problems prove more complex than others, but we always give our clients a break-down of services to keep them well-informed of payments involved.

ielectrical & communications

Great Listener

At iElectrical & Communications, we believe listening is a powerful tool. If you have a problem that needs our attention, we will quote you the best we can based on your description. But don’t stress—our electricians do on-site consultations and don’t expect clients to know all the intricacies of the trade. We also appreciate any feedback based on your experience to better our performance.

Relationship Focused

Founder of iElectrical & Communications, Matt Downie, made customer satisfaction his number one priority. The team are focussed on providing a memorable service that leads to long-term returning customers. The team dynamic and overall support network are the backbone of our business, so we try and reflect those values in everything we do.

Friendly Approach

We understand that it can be frustrating when things aren’t functioning as they should, so we aim to make our service as simple and friendly as possible to create a positive experience for both customer, and employee.



Punctual & Prompt

Punctuality is key to our performance. We want to make sure we manage our time as effectively as possible to complete repairs without disturbing the everyday movements of our clients. We also view our call-out arrangements as a promise to our client, as we value their time and customership.


Deadline Focused

We take our deadlines seriously, as they accommodate the needs of our customers and motivate us to increase efficiency within the business. These deadlines also help us stay focussed on individual tasks. We value all of our clients equally and approach each job with the same integrity and focus.


Constant Communication

Communication fuels our business. Customers are entitled to a free quote upon calling about our services, and if necessary, the team are also happy to provide a break-down of the costs before commencing. We offer our clients regular updates on our progress and inform them when/if additional services are needed to fix the problem. Honesty is integral, so we view communication as way to rule out any potential confusion regarding our service.

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